Henry / Male / 20↑ / Bi / Scorpio

My twitter is rt heavy, but I sometimes tweet about whatever comes to mind, usually about whatever I'm currently really into

I'm a shy person but I try my best to reach out and talk to others, so don't hesitate to @ or dm me if you wanna talk!

My social media is typically worksafe (no porn) but will make or retweet the occasional raunchy joke. If any of my followers (or plan on following me) are under 18 and are uncomfortable by this (as I am an adult) then don't hesitate to unfollow, and stay safe!

main: fate series, jojo, your turn to die, idolmaster, bandori, fire emblem, persona series
sides: zero escape, houseki no kuni, blade & soul, warcraft, ffxiv, danganronpa, granblue fantasy, nier, hypnosis mic, utapuri, love live, enstars, one piece, anything by rumiko takahashi
misc: drawing, scenery porn, photography, horror media (movies, games, etc), kdramas, dead malls, traveling, astrology, documentaries, cooking shows, writing, music, sleeping


contact me

twitter: Main, Art
tumblr: Main, Art
curiouscat: Mooncancer
instagram: bbchannels
steam: shinguuji Lian#11787
discord: henners#8258